Disable sleep mode on your Chromebook.

How to Disable Sleep Mode on Your Chromebook

Your Chromebook needs it’s nap time just like you need your sleep. But, what if you don’t your Chromebook to sleep? What if you want to disable it? Or stop the screen from going blank?

Thankfully, it’s easy to do.

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Why does your Chromebook go to sleep?

First, let’s go over why your Chromebook goes to sleep and what triggers it. Your laptop has a built-in timer which automatically blanks the screen if you do nothing and leave it idle for 6 minutes. This feature is made to save battery and screen burn-in. This is called the “sleep timeout” feature. It’ll also go to sleep mode if you close the lid so you can quickly resume working later when you flip it open again. Both these features are made to save your battery and make it convenient for quickly getting back to work.

Normally, your Chromebook will shut down background processes, WiFi, and suspend apps when you close the lid or leave it idle. If you leave it in this state long enough, it’ll eventually shut down to save even more battery.

Reasons for disabling sleep mode

Your Chromebook has a built-in sleep mode to save battery. You can turn it off easily.
Your Chromebook has a built-in sleep mode to save battery. You can turn it off easily.

Personally, the sleep functions both work wonderfully in my opinion. The problem is when you need to download something or leave it on so it can perform a task or run a program. This is when you need to disable the sleep mode. Perhaps you want your Chromebook to compute even if you close the lid, this is also easily done as well.

You may be download files, or uploading files, or maybe you have an active connection to a server and don’t want your Chromebook to constantly disconnect because it’s entering sleep mode.

Or maybe you just want it to be on, and only shut down when you tell it to. If you frequently use it and need it to stay on, then disabling the sleep function is essential. There are many reasons why you’d want to stop your laptop from sleeping:

  • Using it to play music, movies, or other media
  • Downloading files
  • Uploading files
  • Connected to a server
  • Using it as a secondary laptop or monitor
  • Using it as a nightlight

The possibilities are endless. So, let’s find out how to disable sleep mode.

How to disable sleep mode on your Chromebook

You’ll be using Keep Awake. It’s a Chrome web store app that basically keeps your Chromebook awake and never allows it to sleep. Keep Awake is made by Google and is completely free to use. You also don’t need to enable any permissions, as it has no need to snoop for anything on your device.

It doesn’t matter if you close the lid or leave it idle with the lid open- it’ll keep running until it drains its battery, so make sure you leave it plugged in if you plan to use this app. Unless you don’t plan to leave it awake for that long. Keep Awake will literally keep your laptop awake until you allow it to sleep. The power’s in your hands.

Here’s how to get it:

Keep Awake will keep your Chromebook from sleeping and blanking the screen.
Keep Awake will keep your Chromebook from sleeping and blanking the screen.

Step 1: Download Keep Awake from the Chrome web store. You can click on the “apps” button in your toolbar and search for “keep awake” and download it if you want to see the information and reviews about it. Or you can simply download it here.

Step 2: Add it to Chrome.

Step 3: Keep Awake will add a small icon to your Chrome browser toolbar. You can click on it to choose and toggle a few functions:

  • The Moon Icon will basically act as if Keep Awake isn’t installed. Use this to quickly disable Keep Awake and let your Chromebook perform its regular sleep functions.
  • The Sunset Icon will allow your Chromebook to blank the screen but will prevent it from going into a full sleep mode.
  • The Sun Icon is what you’re looking for- it’ll keep your machine from going to sleep in all perspectives. The screen won’t go blank, and it also won’t’ sleep when you close the lid. It’ll remain on in all instances.

Step 4: Disable Keep Awake (Moon Icon) when you’re done. If you leave it on and your Chromebook isn’t plugged in, it’ll drain it until it shuts off. So use it when you need it.

Your Chromebook on energy drinks

There you have it. Now you know how to modulate your Chromebook’s power management and keep it on and prevent it from going to sleep. I’ve personally used a few different apps similar to Keep Awake, but I found it to the best and easiest to use. I use it to keep my Chromebook on when I upload huge files and to play music in the background as well. I find it to be extremely handy and it’s one of the apps I still use daily. Keep Awake woo-hoo.

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