The 3 Best (Free) Games Like Minecraft for Your Chromebook

So, you want some free games like Minecraft for your Chromebook.

Well, the good thing is that they’re easy to install and free to play. The bad thing is that a lot of them aren’t really that good.

There are a few Chrome games like Minecraft available on the Chrome Web Store. The best part about these games is that they all work with your Chromebook, assuming it’s not super old and dated. You don’t have to do any tweaking, hacking, or putting your laptop into Developer Mode and dual-booting with Linux.

(Are you looking to play the real, actual Minecraft on your Chromebook? I have a guide for that here.)


So, I went ahead and installed a whole bunch of them (about a half-dozen), and played them each for a significant amount of time, and uninstalled the bad ones. I kept the good ones installed so I could write a brief review about each game and make it into a list of the best alternatives to Minecraft just for Chrome OS.

I found a lot of bad games on there. I even found the exact same copy of the same game posted under different names. And many of these games don’t even launch. You may need a more powerful Chromebook that can run games if you want to play some of these, but most of them should work just fine after you install them.


I had to go ahead and trim down the list to only the few that actually work. This left me with just 3 games. Yeah, that happened. That’s how many flukes there on the store. But it’s better than none. Surprisingly, there aren’t that many Minecraft alternatives just for Chrome OS.

If you like Minecraft, you’ll probably like all of these. Literally. Assuming you can get them to work. Some of them are fidgety and only work with some Chromebook models. Try it out for yourself and see what you like.


Go ahead and read through the list and pick out whichever ones look interesting to you. Install them and try ‘em out. You’ll probably dig them. Just like how you dig for diamonds. Zing.


Game #1: Voxel Craft (Mindcraft)

Voxel Craft is a free game like Minecraft.
Voxel Craft is a free Minecraft alternative that runs on Chromebooks. it’s very similar to the real game.

Voxel Craft is a game that’s strikingly similar to Minecraft. It’s obvious that it used Minecraft as an inspiration to create the game, as the game description clearly states that it’s a “free alternative to Minecraft for Chromebook.”

You don’t need a Chromebook to play this game though. It works with any device running Chrome. You can play it on a Windows laptop or desktop as well.

When you first play it, it looks like a Minecraft with a texture pack applied. The game runs smoothly and works exactly like the real thing. There’s no goal and it allows you to be free to do whatever you want.

You can place, break, mine blocks that represent many similar ones you’ll instantly recognize, such as dirt, trees, water, lava, and stone. You can also find ores, play around with TNT, and get equipment as well.

It’s probably one of the best Minecraft alternatives that are completely free to play. You should definitely check this one out as it’s right up your alley.

I also noticed that there are a few copies of this game floating around. Watch out for them by looking at the screenshots.

Overall, it’s a decent game. But it did take a few tries to get it working. The world wouldn’t generate and I had to do a full restart to get it to work.

The good: Works and plays just like the real game. Graphics are very nice. Familiar blocks and equips.

The bad: It can get laggy if your laptop isn’t that powerful. It took several tries to get it to generate the world.

You can get Voxel Craft from the Chrome Web Store here.


Game #2: Block Craft 3D Building Game

Block Craft 3D Building Game is a free game like Minecraft for Chromebooks.
Block Craft 3D Building Game is a game like Minecraft for Chromebooks which plays exactly the same as the real game.

Besides the generic name, BCBG is an alright game. It’s a city-based building game. You get the 3D graphics, the blockiness just like Minecraft, and the whole mining and crafting system.

The first thing I noticed is that the game’s graphics are very nice. They’re smooth and have very colorful shading. The color palette is vivid and fits the game’s atmosphere very well. It’s pretty to look at.

There are also some features that Minecraft doesn’t have. You can get animals in the village, and you can also use furniture, skins, adopt pets, and even play with some weird stuff like elephants.

There are no mobs in this game. It’s fully-focused on building a village into a city, mine, or whatever you want. You can build pretty much any layout you want.

You can also visit your friends’ cities as well, and they can visit yours. If you’ve ever played those games with housing, it’s similar to that but on a bigger scale. It’s like a city simulator game you find on Facebook, but you build it with blocks like Minecraft.

This is geared towards casual gamers who want to build something awesome and show it off by having their friends visit them. It’s not so much about mining as it is about crafting.

This game did take a few tries to get it up and running, but it worked regardless on my Acer CB3-131 Chromebook, which isn’t too powerful considering that it just has 2GB of RAM. But it could run BCBG without a problem, so it works.

If this is your thing, give it a go. It’s free to play and does have in-game currency which you can fill up doing various things.

The good: Beautiful graphics. Exclusive features not available in Minecraft. Relaxed game.

The bad: No mobs. No exploration. No danger. Lacks the Minecraft feels.

Check out BCBG here.


Game #3: Blocky Minecraft Sniper 3D

Blocky Sniper is a Minecraft alternative for Chromebooks.
Blocky Sniper is a sniping game set in the world of Minecraft. It’s fast. It’s challenging. And it’s free.

This game isn’t exactly like Minecraft. It’s a game where you play as “Blocky Sniper” and you literally choose your weapon and snipe enemies in 3D blocky worlds like Minecraft.

It feels like a Minecraft sniper game mod. The textures are very detailed and the game is built on a money system where you complete missions to get more cash to buy more equipment.

It’s a pretty cool game. You get a weapon and binoculars with night vision. You can zoom in and out and you get iron sights along with scopes. Enemies are highlighted in red so you know which ones to take out and which to protect. Yes, you have allies that you need to save on each mission.

The difficulty ramps up quickly, but it’s still easy to play for casual gamers.

Also, you get limited ammo so you need to actually aim. This is where the difficult kicks in. If you’re not careful and just go trigger-happy, you’ll run out of ammo. It can get quite challenging. You also have to stop enemies from destroying your helicopter, or else Blocky Sniper can’t get back home.

You have to be fast, accurate and have good reflexes. The animations, art, graphics, and sound make it pretty easy to get immersed. Even though this isn’t anything like real Minecraft, it’s like a Minecraft mod so you still feel like you’re in the world of Minecraft.

Blocky Sniper is free to play and it’s an excellent game. You’ll probably get a kick out of it if you even like Minecraft just a bit. But if you like FPS shooters and Minecraft, you’ll really like this game.

The good: Good blocky graphics. Detailed levels. Entertaining and quite fun for what it is.

The bad: It isn’t really Minecraft. Levels get repetitive. Grammar errors everywhere.

Grab Blocky Sniper here.


Did you find your Minecraft fix?

Well, there you have it. These 3 games were the closest alternatives to Minecraft for Chromebooks I could find on the Chrome Web Store. All the others ones either were simply bad, didn’t get good reviews, or didn’t work.

If you know of any other games, let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out and maybe add them to this list.

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