Incandescent lightbulbs are more efficient than LEDs

Yup. Now they are. Heh. Researchers at MIT have found a way to “recycle” the energy lost in traditional lighting by surrounding the bulb filament with a special reflective crystal designed to bounce back the energy that would be lost as heat. The energy is then recycled into light. Traditional incandescent bulbs have been phased … Read more

Nintendo’s releasing an exclusive 3DS bundle…

Oh, February 27th is “Pokémon Day,” where Nintendo will be releasing a special 3DS bundle that comes with: Pokémon Red (pre-installed) Pokémon Blue (pre-installed) 2 cover plates download code for a Home Menu theme Pokémon Yellow (available for download in the 3DS eShop Nintendo also plans to bring back some of the fan-favorite amiibo characters- … Read more

What happens when Intel buys a wearables company?

Intel bought Canadian company Recon Instruments- a wearables outfit company just last year. Guess what they came up with? A helmet that has a built-in heads-up display, or HUD, for paintballing. In case you didn’t know, a HUD is basically a digitalized screen that shows critical information about your surroundings. It’s already used in many … Read more