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How to capture and record your Chromebook’s screen – fast and easy

So, you want to record your Chromebook’s screen while you do something. Thankfully, this is very easy to do.   Recording your screen serves many purposes, including: Record a tutorial or guide Hold a conference (CEOs) Give a presentation (students) Delivery a sales pitch (startups) Tutor a student (teachers) Give a walkthrough of your business… Read More »

Chromebook printer problems? Won’t print? Offline? Use USB? Not showing up? Fix it.

If you’re having Chromebook printer problems, or troubles with getting your printer to print, try these tips. Getting your Chromebook to connect with a printer, especially a Google cloud-ready printer, makes it super easy to print wirelessly from your laptop to your printer. Cloud-ready basically means that you can print to your printer from anywhere, as… Read More »

How to remote access your Chromebook, PC, Android, Mac, iOS, or Linux computer with Chrome Remote Desktop

So, you want to connect to your Chromebook with another computer. Or maybe connect to another computer with your Chromebook. Or how ‘bout connect to your Chromebook with your phone or tablet? You can do it with the Chrome Remote Desktop app. All you need is Chrome. This guide will answer all your questions. Thankfully,… Read More »