Cloverdale Elementary School gets Chromebooks and iPads

Another school joins the Chromebook army. This time, it’s Cloverdale Elementary School in Alabama. It’s actually the first elementary school in the whole Dothan City Schools district that provided all of its students with an electronic device such as a Chromebook or iPad. This means a 1:1 ratio. A device for every student (in grades… Read More »

“Nice APPTOP.” “Thanks, I got it from Google.”

Say “hello” to the APPTOP. If you’ve been following my posts recently, or any news source for that matter, you should know by now that the direction of Google’s Chromebooks is towards convertible two-in-one laptops.   The newer models all seem to have the same design and only differ in color and brand. This build… Read More »

Chrome for iOS gets a Reading List better than Safari’s

Chrome 57 for iOS is getting an awesome new feature…but you won’t be able to use it yet.   I wrote about the new changes in Chrome 57 just recently, but I missed a fine detail. The latest stable release of Chrome for iOS includes a brand new Reading List feature that’s similar to the… Read More »

Check out the new wallpaper of Chrome OS. It’s simple.

Google’s Chromebooks get a small makeover. Literally. If you’re an owner of a Chromebook, you and I both know that there’s nothing you can really do to customize the appearance of it. Unlike Windows, you can’t really change how the windows look, the color of the menu icons and bars, and the animations of maximizing and… Read More »

Chromebooks or Windows? Who’s the “cool” kid in class?

How do Chromebooks compare to Windows in the classroom? You may be surprised… Chromebooks have been often compared to Mac devices in the classroom. Personally, I think this is a strange combination because I’ve always grown up with Windows computers in my schools. I don’t know if it varies depending on the area, but all… Read More »