AOpen’s Chromebook Mini first look – get price and specs

A manufacturer known as AOpen has announced a new device for the Chrome OS gang. They’re making a new device called the Chromebase Mini. If You’re not familiar with Chromebase, they’re basically reputed as desktops that run Chrome OS. So you have the laptops known as Chromebooks, and you have the desktops known as Chromebases. The Chromebase… Read More »

Samsung’s new Pro and Plus Chromebooks are making headlines

The pair of Samsung’s new Chromebooks are pretty impressive. If you think about Chromebooks, you don’t really think about them being anything but exotic, high-end, or luxurious. Maybe not even functionality. That’s not their reputation. Not at all. It’s more like a laptop for the small niche of consumers that only some people “get.” Basic.… Read More »

Chromebooks will be getting Android 7.1.1 Nougat integration

Big news on the Chromebook front- we’re getting Android Nougat 7.1.1. What? Chromebooks will be getting a big update when Android 7.1 Nougat rolls out. Specially, Chrome OS will be getting some features that 7.1 will have, since it’s being developed and tested for both Chrome OS and Android itself. Nougat features have been confirmed,… Read More »

The Samsung Chromebook Pro & Plus – get specs, features, and price

Samsung’s new Chromebooks are out of this world. At CES, Samsung announced two new Chromebooks that offer consumers a choice between the “regular” and the “pro” version. In fact, that’s exactly what one of them is called- the Chromebook Pro. The other? The Chromebook Plus. Of course, these two Chromebooks are pretty much the same… Read More »

Meet the Acer 11 N7 – probably the most durable Chromebook ever

Acer’s coming out with a revamped, durable, and rugged brick of a Chromebook. It’s called the Chromebook 11 N7 C731. Or simply put, the Acer 11. Yeah, that’s a pretty unappealing name. But what is appealing is that this model is packed with features that literally defy brute force and clumsy damage right in front of your… Read More »

Do Chromebooks have hard drives? Take a wild guess…

Do Chromebooks have hard drives? This is a common question for people that have just heard about, or are considering purchasing a Chromebook.   The quick answer? No. They don’t. The detailed answer? It has a drive, but it’s not the type of hard drive you’d expect from a computer.   To understand why this is, we… Read More »

Want to buy an Asus Chromebook Flip 2? Too bad (for now).

One of the most-anticipated Chromebooks was released for sale, then it went poof. Specifically, I’m talking about the Asus Chromebook Flip 2 (C302CA). One of the first Chromebooks to ever get Android apps available on the laptop was the Asus Chromebook Flip– a powerful, convertible Chromebook. It was actually part of the original trio of… Read More »

Chrome OS update will bring a new menu, icons, and material design

Chrome 56 is expected to have some massive updates that you’ll be able to see- literally. First up, we have material design. Chrome OS has undergone changes already to make it appear “flat” which is the direction many developers, apps, and operating systems are moving towards. Material design makes UI easier to navigate for touchscreen, phone,… Read More »

Chrome OS and Android aren’t merging- Google Andromeda isn’t happening

Google Andromeda goes bye-bye. If you had some wishful expectations for it, don’t worry. It doesn’t really change anything. Seriously. It doesn’t. Just back then, Andromeda was rumored, but never confirmed. One news outlet speculates on the possibility of Google Chrome OS and Android merging into a whole new Google OS dubbed Andromeda. With Android… Read More »

More Chromebooks get Android apps in newest Chrome OS update

Four more Chromebook models get Android apps- confirmed in the newest Chrome OS update. Woot. Is your one of them? Let’s find out. Chrome OS developers have been implementing the Play store into more and more Chromebooks since its announcement at Google I/O. At first, we only had two models out of the three for… Read More »